Boat Maintenance and Repair Services in Islamorada, FL

Boat Sitters in Islamorada, FL offers customized maintenance plans for boat owners, offering you the ultimate peace of mind. Our professional technicians regularly inspect your vessel to eliminate any issues that will ruin your day on the water. Our goal is to get to any problem before it arises. This ensures your boat is ready for wherever the day may take you.

Services offered in Islamorada, FL

Wash and detail pricing is based on the linear foot of the boat

(Soap & water brush wash)
0-17ft: 18-28ft: 29-38ft: 39-50ft: Tower/Bridge Add:
Detail exterior
(Waterline to rub rail)
0-17ft: 18-28ft: 29-38ft: 39-50ft: Tower/Bridge Add:
Detail interior
(Rub rail inboard)
0-17ft: 18-28ft: 29-38ft: 39-50ft:

Prepare boat for your arrival Hourly Rate: 125.00
  • Uncover
  • Launch
  • Commission
  • Fueling
  • Bait
  • Ice

General Boat Service Work Hourly Rate: 125.00
Repair miscellaneous items on the boat that, from time to time, fail and need attention. Example: lights, pumps, wiring, etc.

Other services we can quote upon request Hourly Rate:
  • Transporting (water or land)
  • Canvas new or repairs
  • Electronics new installs and repairs
  • Cushions
  • Bottom cleaning
  • Fiberglass repairs
  • Oil Changes
  • Mechanical services

Personalized Training Hourly Rate: 125.00
  • Hands on Training
  • Understanding your boat
  • Running & handling
  • Familiarizing you on the water of your choice
  • Reading GPS Chart, radar and navigation
  • Hired captain for leisure or fishing.

Shrink Wrap (Linear Foot) 0-17ft: 18-28ft: 29-38ft: 39-50ft: Tower/Bridge Add:
Outboard engine: 50 each.
Inboard Engine: 20 each.
Generator 50
Fresh water system 45

Anything else marine related

If there is anything else you need, please inquire! We may have the right individual for the task.